Jan 18, 2018

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 15: Wizard World New Orleans 2018 Wrap-Up

After a long absence, The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast is back! In this show, we explain why we were gone for so long, what we were up to in that time, and finally, we focus in on Wizard World New Orleans 2018!  Spoiler alert: we had a great con. 



Dec 26, 2017

The Mr. Nola Nerd Music Podcast Episode 25: My Favorite Albums of 2017

I didn't listen to as much music as I normally would in this past year. However, I don't really think I listened to an album that I felt wasted my time. 

This is not a best of list, but just a podcast on my favorite albums of the year.  The higher the ranking the more I listened to the album is how I ranked them. 


Jun 28, 2017

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 15: Mississippi Comic Con

After a month's vacation from podcasting, we are back with a review of the MS Comic Con. We got to meet quite a few members of the Star Wars universe and get some autographs to help complete, and start, some collections. This was a well-organized con that seems to be growing.  We then preview the Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette coming up in September. We also give our thoughts on Guardians 2 and Wonder Woman, because we are nothing if not timely. 


May 30, 2017

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 14: Podcasting from the MegaCon Floor!

MegaCon was a great con experience under horrible conditions for one of us.  The con was great, but Mr. Nola Nerd Couple became really ill with an upper respiratory infection before he even got to the con.  This delayed our arriving at the con late Friday instead of early Friday.  He even felt so bad he didn't attend until late Saturday and he felt horrible the whole time.  That didn't stop Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple from having a great time (even though she succumbed to the sinus infection Monday morning).  Still, the little bit of time the Mr. got to spend at the con was a great success.  Warning: this is a minimally edited podcast so there is lots of crowd noise and even a speaker announcement that proves we were at Megacon. We talk about meeting some of our favorite comic creators and a few actors at the con. Special thanks to Geekella, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple's sister, for letting us record at her booth. Thanks for listening!


May 24, 2017

Mr. Nola Nerd Couple Music Podcast Episode 24: The Afghan Whigs, The Mountain Goats, Singles Soundtrack, and Chris Cornell

I'm finally back with a music podcast! This one gives short impressions of the latest from Kendrick Lamar, Father John Misty, The Afghan Whigs, and the Mountain Goats.  I also talk about how my anticipation of the Singles soundtrack changed with the suicide of Chris Cornell.  Finally, I attempt to sum up why music is important in my life and how it has saved from a few bouts of real anxiety and depression, how I've spent more time with people like Chris Cornell or Paul Westerberg than some family members, and how concerts should be safe places. 


May 15, 2017

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 13: Podcasting from the Comicpalooza Floor!

This weekend we had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Comicpalooza Podcast Program.  Comicpalooza sets up a booth in the middle of its showroom floor and selects applicants to do a podcast from the floor.  We did ours from noon to one on Saturday, after a very successful Friday at the con.  We talk about meeting comic creators David Finch, Chad Hardin, Tony Harris, and James Robinson.  Our friend, Jessica Raney, from the BFE Podcast (and you can listen to the BFE episode we were on here if you so choose to) stopped by to promote her new short story collection, Oddballs.  We talked more about Comicpalooza and convinced her to buy the Harris and Robinson Star Wars one off, C3PO.  We had a fantastic time doing the podcast and have to do another one to talk about the fun that we had after our broadcast! Big thanks to Comicpalooza for giving us this opportunity!


Apr 26, 2017

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 12: Star Wars Celebration Review

Star Wars Celebration Orlando has come and gone.  We had some amazing experiences and frustrating ones as well.  We talk about all the things we love and the things we didn't like at Celebration.  Luckily, the bad things didn't ruin it for us (even though I'm not sure that was the case for everyone).  We also do a lengthy preview of Comicpalooza, talk about a May the Fourth event at Dat Dog, and give our take on how to tackle Jazz Fest.  To see our pictures of the exhibit hall, the game room, and the autograph hall, click here


Apr 12, 2017

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 11: Star Wars Celebration Preview

We have our course set for Orlando! Along the way, we discuss the autographs we plan on collecting, the books we plan on buying, and the panels we plan on attending.  We give some tips and tricks of how we survived previous Star Wars Celebrations. 


Apr 9, 2017

Mr. Nola Nerd Couple Music Podcast Episode 23: Shortened Radiohead and What the Hall of Fame Gets Wrong

Radiohead is like a handful of sand: everytime I think I have them in my grasp; they slip away.  In this Mr. Nola Nerd Couple Music Podcast, I talk about how I have not seen an entire set of Radiohead even though I've been to two of their concerts.  I also give my unsolicited opinion on the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, with a huge amount of praise to Jeff Ament's shirt that he wore to the ceremony. Check here for show notes. 


Apr 5, 2017

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 10: How We Fell in Love with Star Wars and More

On this episode of the Nola Nerd Couple podcast, we talk about what drew us into loving Star Wars.  Mine is a typical boy meets movie story, while Mrs. Nola Couple's origin story is a little more complicated.  We also discuss how we both got into autograph collecting and the role Star Wars played in that.  We discuss our Star Wars Painting with a Twist (pictures here).  Finally, in our New Orleans section, we promote two of the best festivals in the area.


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